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Many students who inquire about the Digital Marketing  course in our Institute Digital Chanakya  , always ask about the certification we provide or available in Digital Marketing field. So this article we are making to answer you all about ” Digital Marketing Certification”  and Online Courses available in the market.

1st of all we want to tell you that, there is no Indian Govt. certified courses in Digital Marketing or any UGC and AICTE approved course is available.  The respective Institution gives certification of their respective college and Institute.

But it’s not that, there is no recognized certification in Digital Marketing, there are some of the certificate provided by Pvt. Company, which does hold some value globally.

These certificates are as follows.

#1 Google Certificate

All about Digital Marketing course certification - Digital Chanakya Raipur

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Google being a number one player in Digital Marketing space, it’s certification hold an importance in the Digital World. Basically, it is a certification of its products and about your understanding about Google product. Google basically provides 5  certifications.

  • Google  AdWords Search certification – Which basically checks you through the benefits of online advertising and how much it has evolved over the years. The focus here is on creating and optimizing search ad campaigns across the search network.
  • Google Adwords for Display Add-  Google Adwords Display is the part of Google AdWords, which deals with the Display and Image ads.
  • Google Adwords certification for Shopping – Adwords certification for shopping, its test about Google merchant account and E- commerce advertising.
  • Google Adwords Certification for Video ads – This is another certification by google adwords , to people who have basic information about Google Video ads.
  • Google Adwords certification for the Mobile app – Tailor-made for individuals and agencies who are looking into specializing in Mobile Advertising, this certification helps in showcasing your expertise.

This all are paid ad format of google, And all these examinations are absolutely free, you can any time enroll for google certification exam, from anywhere, you just need a basic knowledge of Google AdWords product. And only Google can provide of Google certification, no Institute or college can give you Google certificate other than google, yeah they can prepare you with the AdWords product details.

#Google Analytics certification

Google Analytics is an analytics tool build up by google, to see the insights of your website. It gives the insight about the kind of people visit your website and their demography, geography and how their flow into your website is.  So Google analytics certificate tests you on this product. It can be a powerful tool for someone to have. this is also completely free certification, you can give this exam from anywhere, anytime.

#Bing certification

Bing is another search engine like google, it also has a certification for Microsoft ad platform, but not many people use Bing, So it’s not very popular but it gives an edge to you CV having Microsoft certification. It’s  same as Adwords search ad certification.

#Facebook Blueprint

All about Digital Marketing course certification - Digital Chanakya Raipur

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Currently Facebook also in order to increase its product understanding, started an examination called Facebook Blueprint. This basically checks about one’s understanding of use of Facebook and Facebook advertising stuff. The Course is though free but you want to get the certification and give the exam, you have to pay the fee of 150 $.

#Hootsuite certification

Hootsuite is a social media management platform, where you can manage your multiple social media profile and multiple ad campaigns. Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media management platforms, and its certification holds a lot of credit to it self. The exam an course free of HootSuite is 100$ i.e around 6600 rs approx in India.

#Hubspot Certification

Hubspot is one of the best inbound marketing tools currently, and it would be great to have HubSpot certification in this time. This free course is stretched over a 5-hour class and guides you through SEO, blogging, nurturing & conversion of leads. All of these put together, a modern inbound strategy is formulated.

#Google Youtube certification

This is not video and certification, it is more about the creator of Youtube. Those who want to show his content on youtube and earn money out of it. So we can say it is more of a publisher side of certification, which tells you about what kind of video you can make & what are the guidelines of Youtube platform.

These are some of the Digital Marketing certification, which you can avail in current time, most of them are valid to 12 months to 25 months.  But frankly telling you, there is no certification from any Institute which has a global recognition certificate for a lifetime.

So in Digital Marketing filed if you want to succeed, no certification can guaranty you the job, but the real technical skill of these products are important. It is basically a skill not a regular degree course, this certificate can help to get a call from the company for an interview but can not promise you a job.

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