Why Digital Marketing is the Need of the Hour ..!!


Many Student who comes to our  CSDM Raipur campus  for enquiry ask, that what is the need of  this course, why we should learn this, today i want to answer all those students question through this blog.

Digital Marketing or Online Media sector is one the fastest growing sector in the world, if we talk about size in India only it is worth rupees 2000 crore market, in terms of manpower resources alone. We also know that digital ad spends today are already in excess of Rs 5,000 crore and thus the number is increasing exponentially.

Let’s talk on number’s now :-

  • By adding 18 million user in 2013, India has become 3rd largest country in terms of internet user leaving behind japan.India registered a YoY of 28 per cent in 2012 and a YoY growth of 39 per cent in 2013 as far as the number of internet users is concerned.
  • Digital segment witnessed a whopping 33 % growth in between December 2012 to December 2013 & in 2013 only digital commerce business was 62,967 crore.
  • Online retail 60 % of web user in India visit online retail site, Over 50 per cent of sales in these product categories take place in non-metro cities.
  • Social Media 86% Indian web users visit a social networking site,214 minutes are spent on Facebook by an avaerage user,There is 28% increase in facebook visitors in the last 12 months,59,642,000 users visited facebook on thier Pc’s, Facebook continues to be the number one social network and LinkedIn as number two while Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing networks.

Now you can imagine what is the marketing size and growth of Digital marketing in India, So its a best time for people who want to acquire this skill & make them self more competitive and employable .

At chanakya School of digital Marketing Raipur our objective is not only to teach students but make them more competitive and increase their worth, By giving them hands on experience with case studies with real life / event example.

Our college offers short-term  programs suitable for students, entrepreneurs, working professionals, housewives, working women, and even elderly people who intend to match the pace of the rapidly-changing technology-dependent world.

So get the bus before its gets delay .. !!


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