Digital Marketing trends that will dominate 2018 !!

Digital Marketing is an evolving subject, with a date and time its getting changed drastically if you compare current Digital marketing practices with the one used 5 years back is completely changes, 2018 is going to be no different than this. In the coming year, we are going to see many drastic changes in Digital Marketing field, wherein one side mobile will dominate the game and another side AI will take over the most of the human mind work.

So let us see which are Digital Marketing trends that will dominate 2018.


Digital Marketing trends that will dominate 2018 !!Digital Chanakya Raipur

Digital Marketing will become more and more personalized, the more categorization of the audience will take place, the search engine will start showing the result as per individual likes, proximity, daily route, and many other factors will determine the search result.  The personalization will take place as per your locality, your browsing history, your social media behavior, the device you use so on and so forth. It is going to be a challenge for Digital Marketing and SEO professionals to make their target group very specific and very targeted.

#Voice Search

One out of every 4 searches is done by voice, in coming years people are gonna be lazier and type to search practice will be vanished from the market. People would ask their gadgets and online assistant (like google assistance ) for their search query. So digital Marketeer need to be very careful regarding this changing practices.

#Live Videos

Live videos are becoming more popular day by day and the trend will continue in the coming year as well, researchers say that live videos catch 30% more attention than prerecorded videos. People and audience like see what is happening right now, not what has happened some hour back or some month back.

#Facebook Ads

The kind of innovation facebook is doing, and the kind of preparation they are to its certain that more and more people will use Facebook and Instagram for their business promotion, so be prepared in coming years facebook ads going to be more costly and more competitive than any other digital advertising platform.

#Artificial Intelligence

Digital Marketing trends that will dominate 2018 !!

Artificial intelligence is next big thing which will highly impact the Digital Marketing scenario, the machine will do the most of human thinking and analyzing work, as a result, you would get a more accurate information more personalized result more targeted ads. AI will synchronize your all home appliances and machine with your mobile and technology you are using and with one tap you may perform many tasks simultaneously.

#Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing trends that will dominate 2018 !!Digital Chanakya Raipur

Content marketing will keep on growing next year as well, but user-generated content, celebrity content and influencer content will keep on dominating the content marketing space.

#Digital Marketing will become hyperlocal

Digital Marketing will become more and more local, local listings and local e-commerce will keep growing. Local startup platform will come up.

#Mobile will dominate

Digital Marketing trends that will dominate 2018 !!

Mobile marketing, Mobile advertising, Mobile search, Mobile app will dominate the Digital marketing space, Google estimated 300million people are using internet on mobile and will grow to 900 million by 2020 and data consumption will become 10 GB per from 3 GB per user per month. This data shows that how mobile is dominating the Digital Marketing and will dominate even further in coming years. If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly, it will be difficult to win the race in 2018.

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