How social Media changes the Dynamics of Politics in India..!!

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How social Media changes the Dynamics of Politics in India

With the increasing number of users on social media the political party’s in India emphasizing more on their social media tactics whether its BJP, Congress or any new party like AAP . People post their Political view on social networking sites and lobbyist political groups now design smart and humorous images expressing a particular political view which is shared on social media.For the Bharatiya Janata Party, India’s main opposition party, social media is helping as an “accelerator” in conveying their messages to the public.

With around 1.8 Million followers in twitter Naredra Modi is most talked politician in India , Its not not National Leaders But the local municipal corporators in urban areas are starting to use social media, especially Facebook, to build a dialogue with the community..

Till the last parliamentary election in 2009 most young Indian politicians were not active on any social-networking site. Those with active accounts posted only sporadic – and uninteresting, Not only politician but the general users were also not high in 2009 . But this five state election and 2014 parliamentary election is the first to happened in under the influence of Social Media where Massage are spreading so fast people of India become more aware due to use of Social Media.

The political partys need to use this tool very cleverly, we have seen new Party in capital AAM AADMI Party has done wonders with the use of Social media whether you talk to twitter trend or Facebook propaganda they tops the list and they succeed in it very well.

But, while social media cannot be a substitute for conventional campaigning, they can help to set the agenda of public debate, because their wide coverage. traditional media – newspapers and television, which do reach most voters – tap into social networks for information about and from politicians. This indirect impact makes social media an indispensable communications tool for politicians.

The social Media impact is going to improve further as the penetration of smart phone increasing in India and there will be introduction of 4G network that will make access of social media more universal. Though only 12% of Indians use computers, more than 70% have mobile phones, but very few currently find it easy or affordable to use them to access social media.

So we can see the gradual increase the number of social media users and impact of the same that political party can not ignore but at the same time we can not say that social media can decide the wining and losing in election as most active leaders like shashi taroor from congress and Jay panda also accept the fact that most of their twitter followers are not from their own constituency.

But certainly it helps party and leaders to spread their vision which effect the larger discussion..!!

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