Reasons why Digital Marketing outshine any other courses available in the market

Reasons why Digital Marketing outshine any other courses

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We all know that Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector all over the world, the growth of Digital Marketing has opened doors of opportunity for a lot of youngsters in the country. With Digital India scheme in the corner, it also increases the chances of employment for youth of India. Today we are discussing why in today’s time Digital Marketing outshines any other courses available in Market.


Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector

Digital Marketing sector is growing at the rate of 200 % since last 5 years, Digital media spending has grown to 1.17 billion dollars from 0.17 billion dollars in 2015. Mobile ad spending has also grown to 0.35 billion dollars in 2015 to 0.59 billion dollars in 2017. So we can assume the digital marketing growth pace within these gigantic numbers we have. Additionally in India with addition & awareness about digital India, the growth of digital marketing is also quite high in recent years. So this is the best time to train yourself in Digital Marketing to get into this sector and achieve the maximum from this growth story.

Less costly & High ROI

Digital Marketing course is quite cheaper if you compare it with any other modern day course like if you do MBA in marketing from a decent college it would cost you at least 4-6 lakh rupees, and if you opt for a higher course in Engineering it will cost you not less than 5 lakh rupees. But on the other hand, if you do Digital Marketing course it would only cost you 20,000 to 1 lakh rupees depending upon your location and Institute you choose.

It’s not only about course fee, it’s about the return as well. After doing an MBA marketing for which you made an investment of rupees 5 lakh will give you job of rupees 18K-25k. and the same amount of package you can get after completing your Digital marketing training.

Time is money

In today’s world, everyone is busy in life, time is the most precious thing in today’s time nobody want to waste it on useless stuff. Digital Marketing is the very crisp course of the short term where undergoing 2-month course you would be able to get a job of 20k per month. Imagine in a country like India where people learn and study four-year engineering just to be unemployed there is one course of 2 months which guarantees you a job . isn’t a great offer to choose . ?

Unlimited Job Opportunity

Digital Marketing opens a Pandora of opportunity in your career, with a lot of startup opening up in a regular basis, & more and more company has started doing digital marketing for their business success the need for trained digital marketer has increased many folds. McKinley found 90% of all marketing roles required some digital marketing experience or analytical skills. Other areas for digital marketing growth include social marketing, content creation and management, search marketing, email marketing, analytics and video production. E-commerce has become a major recruiter of digital marketing professionals.


Job In Digital Marketing Field

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Can fuel your entrepreneurship dream

Digital marketing can help you achieve your entrepreneurship dream if you have any; many colleges pass out guy’s want to do something their own, they want to open their own startup or small firm. A 2month’s digital marketing course can help you understand all terms for your startup and can help you promote your own company online in a very lesser price.

These are some of the parameters by which we can assume the reason why Digital Marketing course outshine other available courses in the market. 

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