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Social Media is the most effective marketing tool for promotion now a day’s, which its huge presence in all walk of life. Due to its presence corporates and small business has adopted social media promotion in a big way. Social Media is the most adopted digital Marketing technique by a large number of businesses.

Due to its novelty and dynamic nature, many people who are using social media promotion, they don’t know how to measure its effectiveness.  In this edition of our blog, we would like to give you some tips and singles by which you check your social media marketing effectiveness.

1. Fan & Following

first and foremost thing to check, whether your fans on Facebook and Following on twitter is increasing or not. And if increase what is growth percentage. If new fans are added regularly to your business profile that means you are doing good, if not then you need to change your campaign strategy.

2. Engagement level

Not only page likes are important but engagement level is also the most important factor if you have huge fan’s but they are not engaging with your page then your promotion efforts are of no use.  Develop a content plan by which you can engage with your fan. This will not only improve your page visibility but it will also increase your brand recall.

3. Visitors action

You need to check the visitor’s action of your page like from where they are coming to your page i.e website or google, or what they are doing only liking, commenting, retweeting or looking for more. Visitor’s action will be vital insight for you to analyse the effectiveness of your campaign.

4. Lead generation

Any business who does any kind of promotion they do it to generate leads or sales so does your social media marketing should do. check whether your campaign is resulting in any leads or not, It can be a direct lead or indirect one. Make sure your campaign in social media giving you some sales fruit.

5. Brand recognition and Image retention

Your social media campaign should be done in a such a way that your brand identity ( Logo, Name, Punchline, Work Line ) should be remembered by your target audience. Your audience should relate with you and your brand. If you could make them emotionally attached to your brand then your social media marketing is going on the right track.

So, it’s said when you are using social media, keep up measuring your efforts; not just for the sake of metrics, instead to learn what’s working, what’s not and how can you improve.

There are many other features by which you can analyse the effectiveness of your social media campaign.



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